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Fire Insurance Policy

A portion of the greatest hazard in a business may incorporate fire and theft. They can bring about loss of a huge piece of your wage or even your whole business. On the off chance that such an episode happens, just a satisfactory protection cover can have a significant effect between an incapacitating money related effect and security. Thus, without a sufficient protection that spreads such dangers, you would be left defenseless. Understands the significance of little and medium ventures to the nation and the economy we have consequently settled a Specialist group to create and give applicable, imaginative and viable protection answers for SMEs.

  1. Fire
  2. Lightning
  3. Explosion/ Implosion
  4. Aircraft Damage
  5. Riot, Strike & Malicious Damage
  6. Storm, Cyclone, Typhoon, Tempest, Hurricane, Tornado, Flood & Inundation Impact Damage.
  7. Subsidence & Landslide including Rockslide.
  8. Bursting and/ or overflowing of water tanks apparatus & Pipes
  9. Missile testing Operations
  10. Leakage from automatic sprinkler installations.
  11. Bush fire

You could select to cover against tremor and psychological warfare standard fire and extraordinary arrangement will cover Building, Office hardware, electronic gear, furniture/Fixtures/Fittings, Machinery, and some other indicated substance incorporating stocks in exchange.


We cover loss of substance and harm to the safeguarded property because of theft and house-breaking. The cover on misfortune or harm because of thievery (robbery and burglary barred) is 100% of the whole protected. It is obligatory to cover every one of the substance, for example, office equipment's, electronic equipment's. Furniture/installations/fittings, apparatus and other indicated substance incorporating stocks in exchange.


Claim Process:

The claim forms are clear and bother free. The cases will select a surveyor after starting confirmation and will manage you encourage on the cases procedure. You will be given a claim number, which you should cite in all your future correspondence on the claim.


Standard Fire and Special Perils:

  1. War and war-like perils/ Atomic/ Nuclear radiation/ Contamination/ Pollution/ Spoilage
  2. Depreciation, wear and tear and consequential loss of any kind
  3. Short-circuiting of electrical equipment and consequential losses.
  4. Burglary and theft
  1. When employees, household members, business associates are involved
  2. When original or duplicate key or access code is used to gain access
  3. Theft.
  4. Clerical or accounting error.
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